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  • Opening Hours

    Considering the test-running condition so far as well as the actualities in our city, from now on the opening hours of the library is changed to:
    1. Heyuan Library: Monday through Sunday 09:00-21:00.
    2. Self-served library: 24 hours per day.
    3. Children's World: Tuesday through Sunday: 09:00-12:00, 15:00-18:00.
  • Getting Library Cards
    Instructions for getting library cards

    For offering readers some more convenient services, Heyuan Library is conducting a way of ID-linking to most citizen for borrow and other services.
    --> 1. Click on the "getting a library card" button on the screen. --> 2. Check ID.
    --> 3. input contact information. --> 4. choose a card type.
    --> 5. confirm. --> 6. voucher printing. -->7 . accomplish (get the card).
  • Notice for Readers
    Notice for Readers

    1. Please accept the security check for getting in.
    2. Lighters, matches, knives and other dangerous things are banned in the library.
    3. Fruits, drinks and food are not allowed to be taken into the library.
    4. Prams, toys are not allowed inside the library.
    5. Please handle the forbidden things before entering the library.
    Heyuan Library Reserved the Right for final explanation.
  • Online Consulting
    Ask a Librarian[online consulting]

    Readers can leave us a messege anytime, or contact us during working hours.
    Address: West of the Heyuan Hakka CulturalPark
    Tel: 0762-8929000 8929555
    Fax: 0762-8929800
    Email: hystsg@163.com

The new Heyuan City Library , which is on the central axis of Hakka Culture Park and is located at the north bank of the Park central lake , was started to construct on June 28, 2013. The total land area of Project planning is up to 30,001 ㎡ , including 25,000 ㎡ for the building, which has four stories on the ground at the height of 23.95 meters. The total investment of the project is 220 million yuan. It is designed to contain 1 million volumes of books and over 1, 200 seats for readers.
The new library is constructed on the criteria of the national first-rate libraries. Its shape design was inspired by the appearance of Hakka Five-Phoenix Attics. Its inner structure is different from the traditional pattern which normally divides three main areas for collections, reading and borrowing, but adopts a design that conveying a sense of modernization, forming a pattern of flexible, various open space, equipping with a complete set of utility departments which include Children's World, Journals Reading area, Chinese Borrowing area, Exhibition Hall, Meeting Room and Training Room etc. The layout of the whole building is compact, the lines are clear, the space are flexible and variable, which enable literature collections, searching and consulting, academic exchanging, knowledge creativity, educational training, entertainments and other functions to gather at one place, trying best to make it become a modern, large and comprehensive public library. [detail]

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